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Thanko is a Japanese gadget firm that makes just about anything you can think of. If you need a set of Santa boots to warm your feet using USB power, Thanko has it. If your butt gets too hot in the summer, get the Thanko water-cooled seat cushion. You get the idea, if it’s powered by USB you can find it at Thanko.Thanko是日本一家部件公司,它生产完全任何你能想起的东西。如果你必须一双用USB变暖脚的圣诞靴,Thanko早已有了。如果你的屁股在夏天太热,卖个Thanko的水冷式座垫吧。

如果你的奇思妙想必须USB供应能量,那Thanko能老大你做。If your boss is a bosshole, and you really need something to help get rid of the headache from listening to him prattle on about spelling and punctuation constantly causes you. Thanko has a USB head massager. It looks as weird as you might expect it too. It will undoubtedly mess up your hair, and will do nothing to impress that cute girl that works down the hall.如果你的老板是个加班费狂人,那你一定必须什么来老大你挣脱仍然听得他唠叨拼法和标点而产生的困惑。Thanko有个USB头部按摩器。

它看起来就跟你想要的一样奇葩。它认同不会弄乱你的头发,也会让你更有公司的美女。What it will do is adjust to fit most domes, no matter how gargantuan, and vibrate when plugged in. It will help get rid of stress. If you need to use it and you don’t have a USB port, it can be powered by batteries.它的功能是不管脑袋多大,都能通过调整来适应环境大部分头部形状,而且当接上电源时会震动。它不会老大你挣脱压力。